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Huizhou Foryou Optoelectronics Technology Co.,LTD. (brand name: ADAYO) was founded by Foryou Corporation in June 2006, dedicating to LED package, indoor and outdoor LED lighting design, research, manufacturing and sales , aiming to be a leading LED producer in the world. 


ADAYO offers high-quality products that are perfect eco-replacements for traditional incandescent, halogen and metal halide lights. Our main products include LED sources, tube, bulb, spotlight, down light, ceiling light and other LED lightings which are broadly used in commercial lighting,street lighting and home lighting.


"To offer our customers the best quality product at the most reasonable price " is what we are consistently pursuing and what we have already made a possible because of the following reasons: First, we implement integrated management to self produce LED sources and LED drivers, LED optical lens and mechanical parts under establishment on strategic partnership with famous world-wide supplier to guarantee the very superior quality of our products at the reasonable price; Second, we put 6% of our annual turnover into the research and launch competitive new products, and keep improvement on the original range continuously each year, ensuring us a tech-leading manufacturer in the LED lighting world market.


We are not only a provider of LED products but also a dreamer and doer! To light the world with ADAYO LED lights is the dream shared by every ADAYO man. What we can do is far from making this, but when we work together with you who share the same dream with us, I do believe, we will surely do a great job!