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Common Problem

The LED is called a cold light source. Why is there so much heat?


What is a cold light source? The main difference between the cold and hot light source is whether the illuminating light source contains the infrared spectrum. The cold light source is an illuminating light source that contains almost no infrared spectroscopy. The cold light source is characterized by converting all the electric energy into heat energy and visible light, and other wavelengths of light are few. The heat source is different. In addition to visible light, there is a large amount of infrared light, and a considerable part of the energy is converted into infrared light that does not contribute to the illumination. The LED light source is an illuminating light source that contains almost no infrared spectrum, so it is a typical cold light source. The traditional light source is the heat source.


How to buy led lamps?


(1) Take a look. Look at the LED lighting package with relevant certification marks, such as: CE\UL and so on. This step is the most basic and can guarantee the user's safe use.


(2) Shake it. Please use your power to shake the LED light you bought very hard. If you hear loose sound inside, unfortunately, you bought a bad product. The interior is loose, can it be a defective product?


(3) A little bit. Please wear sunglasses, light the LEDs, and observe the lighting conditions. If you see it flashing, you must be vigilant. It is likely that you have bought a lamp that will affect your health. Scientists have confirmed that excessive lighting of LED lamps can cause damage to people's health.


(4) Touch it. Please light the user and touch it to see if the LED will leak. Don't be afraid, even if there is leakage, it will not kill people. If the home user is afraid of being charged, he can use the test pencil to test the leakage.


(5) Touch again. After lighting for two hours, please touch the user to see if it is hot. According to the standards of relevant American experts, after the LED lamps are lit for two hours, the temperature of the casing should not exceed 55 degrees Celsius. If the user feels that the lamp is too hot, you can buy the LED light soon.


(6) Call the manufacturer to see if the warranty is true or not.


Can your company's daylight tube be mounted directly on a conventional stand?


Our company has two kinds of T5 and T8 lamps. Among them, T5 lamps are not compatible with traditional brackets, and we need the brackets supported by our company. The T8 lamp can be compatible with the traditional bracket with built-in magnetic ballast. It can't be compatible with the traditional bracket with electronic ballast. We recommend removing the magnetic ballast or electronic ballast in the traditional bracket. This is compatible and more energy efficient. In addition, our company has matching brackets, which can be used if necessary.

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