Why Choose ADAYO

ADAYO, Chinas top 100 enterprises of electronic information company , deserves your trust!


We enjoy the powerful resources integration capability, designing and manufacturing every part of a light from light source, optical and mechanical design, to the driver. So we bring every production procedure under control and make sure the products we provide are the best ones in quality and price.


We established strategic partnership with Japan world famous driver company, which made us a world leading driver maker in this line.The reliable driver provides a powerful heart to our light,guaranteeing the long lifespan of our products.


We spare no efforts in R&D to maintain our position as a tech-leading company and launch more than 30 new products each year. The continuous innovation ensures our explosive business growth and rising customer satisfaction.


So we are confident to say ADAYO is always keeping your leading position in your market; ADAYO is always offering you the stable products at the most reasonable price; ADAYO is always ready to work with you in a flexible way to face the market changes.

Therefore, there is no doubt ADAYO is your best choice and will be your strong partner! Looking forward to the cooperation with you !